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Vicky Osei, 

Snr CRA and entrepreneur

I am a CRA by profession, teacher and entrepreneur. I have a passion for helping others and agriculture. I believe that we all gifted with uniqueness to play our role and that starts with believing in yourself first. 

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Lucy Ahatty,

Senior Nurse

I am a women after Gods heart, a mother, a Nurse, a mentor. 


I believe that one should never judge a book by its cover as we carry scars. I’m a lover of deep conversation as this is where healing starts. 


My favourite quote is “They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

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Anastasia O. Dwubeng


I am a teacher, wife and a mother with two children. I am a Christian and I believe that helping others reaps abundant blessings and favour.

My motto in life is to always remember how you started and not how you finished. Humility is a virtue.

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Aspiring Nurse

My name is Nathalie, I am a widow and a mother to three of the most adorable kids in the world.  


My husband's demise re-ignited my long held passion of becoming a nurse as I love caring for others. With the help of my mentor and friend I have commenced my journey of becoming a nurse.


The passing on of my husband made me angry with God, but I am slowly rediscovering my Christian roots again.


One of my guiding principles is that we all deserve a helping hand.


Monica Akua , 

Mother and entrepreneur

Becoming a single Mother gave me the push to birth my business. I have been self employed for over 10 years and love the feeling of being my own boss. I love to empower and inspire women of all ages, helping them see their full potential, to pursue their dreams and overcome past traumas.

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Abrafi Ahmed ,


I am currently pursuing a second degree course in Sustainable Tourism in the US. I aspire to contribute my knowledge in transforming  Africa with its tourism resources.


 It is a blessing to be alive and I never take that for granted.I love to live a life of positivity.I set a goal for myself every month.It could be emotional,physical and physiological well -being. A little progress each day adds up to bigger results.

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Edith F. Wiredu

Full time Mother

I am a mother and a wife, with four children. I am a blogger who writes about personal experiences, I have my own blog called I strongly believe in doing good to others and attracting energies. I aim to help others in many ways I can.


 Brianna Fletcher,


Brianna Fletcher is a New Jersey native who graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts where she obtained a degree in Journalism and Communications. Upon graduation, she has dibbled and dabbled in the fashion and beauty industry and in September 2016 launched her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog; B*THE PLUG. Brianna curated this blog as a way to creatively express herself and inspire others to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. Brianna continues to use her platform to write and create beautiful content. It is an honor to be a part of this book trilogy and to share her work. Please feel free, to reach out to her if you found her piece compelling, would like to collaborate, or just to say hi. 


Tina Pokuaah⠀

Freelance VAWG psycho education trainer and consultant

Tina Describes herself as an empowered woman, who empowers women, Tina Pokuaah has cultivated her skills in project development, strategic partnerships and capacity building, to become a self driven and ambitious Project Coordinator and entrepreneur. ⠀

As a freelance VAWG psychoeducation trainer and consultant. She designs engaging, and therapeutic training materials and tool kits, to deliver programmes on gender inequality and challenges the normalisation of violence against women and girls to both professionals and community groups. ⠀

Tina is also the creative director and founder of Affinity Line, which is an apparel and accessories brand celebrating African women in history, but also inspires the modern woman,  to affirm her greatness, inner power and self discovery! ⠀

In addition, Tina also co-founded 5Girls Project, a community organisation investing in the education, skills and training of girls in Ghana and in the UK. Tina is passionate and committed to being part of the dialogue and movement to reshaping Africa's poor development trajectory and believes if given their rights to reach their full potential, girls and women have the power to transform Africa. ⠀

Tina is a woman of faith and an advocate for self love and self care.

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